Apollon 9

“APOLON” 9  that continues the series of a closed type complex  of the “APOLON“  type, located between Ravda and Nessebar. It is situated only 150 metres from the seashore, 3 kilometres from the popular Black sea resort Sunny Beach, 2 kilometres from the ancient town of Nessebar and 25 kilometres away from Bourgas.

It represents absolutely the choice of modern man, away from the stress of  strenuous life. The complex offers conviniences that shall meet all your requirements and needs and  it is surrounded by beautiful nature.

“Apolon“ 9 comprises of a six storey building and it holds for its future owners of properties apartments with gorgeous views and sea. It is surrounded by picturesque inner areas – gardens with splendid greenery and various ornamental plants, a children’s playground, a swimming pool for adults and children, a rest and walk area and an underground car park.

“Apolon“ 9 is an exquisite complex and it accentuates on the main ideas – cosy atmosphere  and high-quality construction  that meets the European standards.

The complex will attract your attention  with its Bulgarian architecture style, original facades and luxuriously finished common areas.

The apartments are offered fully finished:

  • An air conditioner installed;
  • Bathroom – faience and terracotta tiles in two colours with a frieze; bathroom equipment / a sink, a toilet bowl, a tap and a shower, a shower cubicle and a mirror ;

Area of the plot – 5 400 square metres;
Overall built up area – 8045 square metres;
“Apolon“ 9  is comprising of four sections – “A”, ”B”, “C” and “D”

Total number of apartments – 155;

  • 56 studios;
  • 78 one bedroom apartments;
  • 18 two bedroom apartments;
  • 3 three bedroom apartments.

The complex is separated by a fence and it has its own access control regime.

“Apolon “ 9 is a place convenient for all year round occupation and it offers all year round to the owners of properties in the complex a number of useful services such as cleaning, washing, maintenance of properties, repairs, meeting arriving owners and their transfer by car from the airport or from any other location in Bulgaria, preparation of the properties for the owners’ visits, transfers to any location in the country, consultation and assistance for furnishing and many other valuable for the owners services.

All owners and visitors that are staying at the “ APOLON “ 9  may use without any limitation all the extras of the “ APOLON “ Complex.

The closest proximity to the town of Nessebar which is a UNESCO world heritage site, the convenient transport communications, the excellent conditions for village, hunting, fishing, wine and forest tourism makes the “ APOLON “ Complex a unique place of a worldwide significance.

Commencing of construction: 15th October 2014
Completion of construction : 15th August 2015

Section А     

Apartments for sale  Apollon 9, Section A


Section B


Apartments for sale  Apollon 9, Section B



Section C


Apartments for sale  Apollon 9, Section C



Section D


  Apartments for sale  Apollon 9, Section D